Where do I start with getting a job in the theatre industry?

Lucy desperately wants a theatre-related career

I'm 24 years old and originally went off to University to study Music & Drama but unfortunately did not finish my degree due to personal circumstances. Since then, I have completed an apprenticeship in Business & Administration and have worked in admin/sales type roles. I live in Staffordshire.

I am not happy in my current job and am desperate to get a job relating to theatre and the arts but have no idea where to start or how to make it possible.

I am a member of 2 local amateur theatre groups and regularly perform in plays and musicals, It's what I love doing and I want to have a job that I'm passionate about.

Any help and advice would be massively appreciated.

Thank you

— Lucy

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Cheryl Martin's reply:

Hi Lucy,


It's great that you're already active in amateur theatre.  You're lucky that you also have business skills that most theatres need to survive in these days of austerity. 

I'd recommend that you start looking at artsjobs, on the Arts Council website, at http://www.artsjobs.org.uk/arts-jobs-listings/ .  You could start with jobs in administration, which you sound well qualified for.  That might get you a job in a theatre.  

Since you sound as if you also want to perform, you should be going to your local professional theatres and learning all you can by seeing their productions. If your local professional theatre has workshops, classes, after-who Q & As, you should go to them so that you get to know those theatres and they get to know you.  At 24, you may be the right age for youth theatre or emerging talent schemes -- you should try those, too.  I got my first Arts Council funding as a playwright because I went to playwriting classes at my local theatre.  Getting to know the theatre and showing your enthusiasm by taking part is the best way I know to finding a role there.


I hope this helps.




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