How do I get into music management?

What advice do I need for a career in music management?

​I would like to know what would I need to get into music management. What qualifications do I need? And should I have played an instrument?

Is there any other specific information I need to know about getting into the music industry on a managerial level?

— Harry Stock

Expert answers

Steve Cheney's reply:

It’s certainly not necessary to have been a musician before going into music management, although there are examples of those who have been. 

As with all means of entry into the music business, persistence is probably key. Contact as many management companies as you can, expressing your interest. 


Are you currently undertaking any course that is guiding you in this direction? You may want to look at that as an option. All prospective employers are keen to see both paper qualifications and also any work experience you have been able to undertake.




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