Can I learn CAD casting by myself?

Sara wonders how to get into CAD casting.

I’m a stay-at-home parent. I’d like to buy the right machinery and start my own business by doing CAD casting for some jewellers. 

However, I have zero experience in jewellery. 

Do you think I can make this happen? How can I find out more about where to begin? ​

— Sara

Expert answers

Jack Meyer's reply:

Working at home is certainly possible as a jeweller. It is one of the few areas of manufacturing in which this can be done. However, doing this right requires setting up a home workshop as well as having the knowledge of working with jewellery.

If I were you, I would start by gaining the knowledge you need with a basic bench course and a basic design drawing course before going into CAD. There are certainly short courses as well as evening and weekend courses offered by Holts Academy of Jewellery which would provide you with the useful professional knowledge required to get you started. From teaching those in your same situation, I have also learned that you may be eligible for funding help with child minding and travel or full funding for one of Holts Academy’s accredited jewellery courses. 

I’m afraid CAD will never be an entry point or a short cut into making jewellery, however. Think of it like this—if you were going to ask a bespoke shoe designer to make you a shoe, you would expect them to know how shoes were made before they designed one for you on a computer. The complexity of assembling and making Jewellery is frequently underestimated, but it requires as much manufacturing knowledge as any other kind of product. The early stages of this learning absolutely must be done in the real world I’m afraid.

This is not meant at all to dissuade you from CAD, of course. Once you have that essential knowledge in working with metal and drawing, then I would most definitely welcome you onto one of the CAD courses I have developed and teach for the Academy.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about the excellent professional jewellery skills courses taught here at the Academy which would get you ready for CAD, contact the team here at 0207 405 0197 or at



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