Should I do an apprenticeship in technical theatre?

Dani is in the early stages of her career in stage management and is considering an apprenticeship in Technical Theatre.

​I have a question regarding apprenticeships. I am at the early stages of a career in stage management and I’ve already gained some really great experience in wonderful venues, with some excellent prospects to follow. I haven’t been to university but this doesn’t seem to have hindered me so far.

I had been strongly considering doing an apprenticeship in technical theatre but lately I’ve had my doubts. The idea of being on minimum wage (or below) for upwards of 18 months is somewhat offputting, and I cannot help but think that during those 18 months I could be getting some varied experience across the board, whilst earning (hopefully) better money and building up the necessary skills on the job as an ASM.

Does this sound fesible? Any advice you can give would be marvellous. Thanks!

— Dani

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Huw Morgan's reply:

​Apprenticeships are employment opportunities that allow you to earn while you learn.  Apprenticeships only exist if an employer wants to take on an apprentice, and to pay their wages whilst they working.

Traditionally an apprentice will work four days a week with the employer and attend college one day a week over the course of a year – however there are flexible models that can be shorter/longer and may not necessarily need any college time.  At the end of the apprenticeship you will have achieved whatever qualification it is that is linked to the apprenticeship, as well as considerable working experience for your CV.  As for the employer - they may well decide to take you on full-time at the end of the apprenticeship, but they are under no obligation to do so.

All apprenticeships are advertised online at the Apprenticeship Vacancy Matching Service site. Click here to apply for any Apprenticeship that are available . This website allows you to register, apply and track applications.

Alternatively, you can encourage an employer to take you on yourself and if they are interested they can contact us here at the Skills Academy and even use our Apprenticeship Training Service  and we can advise them further.

I would also advise you to check individual case studies to find out how apprenticeships have benefited others in getting employment in creative industries.  

Good Luck!

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