Should my autistic daughter pursue art and design?

My daughter is passionate about art and a wonderful artist. She  is currently undertaking a BTEC in Art and Design. She says that she wants to be a designer. However, she is autistic and has very poor communication skills. She gets overwhelmed by her course work, never meets deadlines and struggles with organisation.  

She was offered L3 Art and Design by her tutors after doing well on L2. Despite the difficulties she is having on the course, she wants to do a HND in Graphic Design. I am tempted to dissuade her from doing this.

I really believe in following your dreams, but I think her prospects of employment are nil. My fear is that at 20 she could be taking advantage of schemes for young people that offer more realistic employment prospects. But then again, I really do not know what my daughter is capable of and there might be some role related to graphic design that she could pursue. I have researched, but not found any. Any suggestions or advice?

— Tamsin

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Joe Macleod's reply:

Where would we be without people who think differently in the world of design and art? Of all the industries your daughter should pursue, the creative ones would be the best. There are plenty of people with similar issues in this field. Many doing incredible work. 

Intially it might be hard, learning systems that seem complicated. But once she becomes familair and confident with these, she can feel more comfortable in herself and her work will become stronger. 

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