What area of music should I choose?

Marty wants to know whether he could be a DJ or producer.

What area of music would you suggest I go into if I wanted a career in music? I literally listen to music all day. I like the idea of becoming a DJ or producer, but my confidence is very low. 

Please get back to me, thanks.

— Marty Mccartan

Expert answers

Alistair McMillan's reply:

​Hi Marty.  Thanks for getting in touch.

A career in music can mean so many things.  I have always wanted a career in music and even to this day I still do not know what my end goal is!   I would suggest that the best way forward is to find some local DJs and producers and ask them if you can shadow them to see what their job actually entails.   You will then begin to form a picture of the skills required for that career path and what, if anything, you will need to learn!

If you don’t play an instrument, I would advise looking into some basic music theory training.  This will give you a good grounding when working with musicians.

So in essence, try as much as you can and you will more than likely find yourself following  a path that you didn’t expect, but hopefully one you enjoy!

I wish you the best of luck and if you have any other questions, do get in touch! - Ali

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