What careers relate to history?

I have a degree in History, which is a real passion of mine, so a career related to this area would be a dream come true. But I'm struggling to find anything - how could I locate jobs in this field?

Thank you in advance.

— Kelly McKenna

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Robert West's reply:

The Museums and Heritage sector seems to me to be an area that may be of interest to you. Our own opportunities section in Creative Choices often includes some potential avenues for someone with your bakcground to explore. Organisations such as the Museums Association and Museums + Heritage Advisor also offer online support and advice, and English Heritage have a pretty good jobs page.

I guess the first step though would be for you to discover what job roles actually exist in this sector. Again our Creative Choices website can highlight some for you, but you can't beat actually meeting some people who work in the kind of places you have in mind and seeing how they've made use of their creative industry passions. Have a think about where you'd like to work in terms of organisations (e.g. National Trust, Natural History Musuem or smaller organisations local to you), drop them a line and see if you can pay them a visit. Say you want to meet someone to talk about what job roles (remember you aren't talking at this point about job opportunities) exist in their organisations. Start with some research. The larger organisations will have HR and/or Learning departments, and either would be ideal for helping give you a few career ideas. If they don't reply then pick up the phone to them, and if they don't answer your call then drop-in and ask if anyone can speak to you. Be determined.

As well as jobs directly related to your degree (Heritage Manager, Musuem Exhibitions Officer, etc) don't ignore those careers where your History degree might also be useful indirectly (e.g. Archivist, Information Officer, etc). Be broad in your exploration of job role options as this will give you a lift when you see the wide range of options you have, and then focus down on those that really appeal. Build up your connections and experience with organisations that have these roles, and hopefully you'll be able to fulfill your passion. If it really is a passion you won't be able to let it go.

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