What subjects are best for a career in conservation?

Mikolaj would like to know what subjects she should do at A-level?

I’m a 16 year old student. I am about to finish my GCSEs and begin my A-Levels. 

I decided to go ahead with Art, History, Chemistry and Philosophy.

Are these subject suitable for me if I would like to start a career as a Conservator/Curator? What would you advise me?


— Mikolaj

Expert answers

Sally Munday's reply:

Hi Mikolaj,


They sound like great choices for your future career. Conservators and Curators are quite different jobs though so have a think about which one you’d like to do, alhtough there is nothing wrong with keeping your options open now!


Conservation would probably use your chemistry skills more as sometimes conservators have to use specific skills with chemical cleaners etc to clean & restore objects. Wheras your history and philosophy would help if you were to become a curator.


Why you don’t you think ahead and start looking at University propectuses to see what sort of qualifications, skills and experiece you would need for your choice of degree or career?


Good Luck!‚Äč



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