What subjects should I take to become a lighting and sound engineer?

Nicky's son wants to be a sound or lighting engineer when he leaves school and wants to know what subjects to take at A-level.

‚ÄčOur son has just started year 11 and will be doing GCSEs next year. He’s really keen to be a live sound or lighting engineer and is taking advantage of all the opportunities he can at school and at our church.

We’re now thinking about his options post-GCSE. What A-levels would you recommend for him to do? We’ve been advised Physics, Maths, Music Technology and Media Studies. Do they sound right?

We would also like to know which colleges in the Harrow area have good contacts with the industry?

— Nicky

Expert answers

Steve Cheney's reply:

‚ÄčI’d go with Physics myself, plus Music Tech and Media Studies. It’s great that he is taking advantage of opportunities when he can, and he should definitely continue to do this. The industry is always looking for people with a good mix of education and experience.

There are also loads of college courses he could take instead of A-Levels. We list all the courses of the National Skills Academy for Creative & Cultural Colleges in our course finder. All colleges from the National Skills Academy for Creative & Cultural specialise in theatre and live music studies and they also run production and festival stage side days in some of their courses. This is where the students visit some of the UKs largest arenas and witness how a large show is put together backstage. The nearest of these colleges to Harrow would be Amersham & Wycombe College and North Hertfordshire College.

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