What uni should my son choose?

Liz wants to know which university would give her son the best chance of employment in the music industry.

I would really appreciate some career advice for my son from within the industry and hope you can help!

My son is aged 20 and needs to make his final Uni choice in the next week or so. Trouble is he doesn’t know which kind of institution would offer him the best chance of employment as a post grad. He has three a levels (a* in music tech, b in history & c in English), is a talented musician (has played on BBC introducing stage at Leeds & Reading) and wants to pursue a career in audio production. 

He has recorded with Andy Gray in his Arreton Manor studios, Jay Reynolds and also in the John Henry studios in London. 

He has unconditional offers from the Uni of Hertfordshire who sell themselves as being closest to London and therefore uniquely placed for close links with the industry; and Futureworks at Manchester who sell themselves as being industry focused as they are official training centre for Apple & Avid etc & ideally placed for Media City Manchester. Also from Uni of Lincoln who are affiliated by JAMES. All three are offering him BSc courses. 

He is in a tailspin about which offer he should accept and which would give him the most kudos in the industry. Can you offer any advice?

I am most grateful for your assistance!

Kind regards,

— Liz Binnington

Expert answers

John Douglass's reply:

Hi Liz,

I would base the decision on which one offers him the most exciting and relevant curriculum and how he feels about the staff and the facilities. 

The quality of the actual educational and artistic experience on offer will be more important than the kudos of having attended a particular University. 

This may not be the answer you were after, but I hope it helps and good luck.

John D.

Hannah Dilworth's reply:

​I might add to John’s answer that there is a great deal going on in Manchester’s music scene especially more recently with the BBC moving some of their resources there. But I agree, it is definitely worth looking at the curriculum on offer and if there is any chance to gain work experience as part of the course.

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