What work experience should I do?

Milli would love to perform in a band one day and is wondering what kind of work experience she should be doing.

​I was just wondering how can I get work experience that would be useful and help a career in live music performance in a band?

If you had any suggestions i would really appreciate them.

— Milli

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Dan Howson's reply:

​Here’s some thoughts that have come through myself and George Ibbetson an artists of old and now Artist Rep for SJM:

A large percentage of local crew are in-fact in bands or budding musicians looking to meet the right people and play in a band. It’s how Noel started out!


As a crew member you can watch performances, look at how they work and pick up tips and tricks from the bands you are working for on the day. You may not pay to see the band and they may not float your boat but surprisingly they will have something to offer you from their performance and not music!


Crew get to know people in the music scene and form contacts and relationships with them and other musicians, and the best part is, it’s one of the easiest departments to get into in the music industry, entry level! Although you have to be prepared for hard work lifting boxes and unsociable hours. So contact all the stop crewing companies.


Throughout the years I’ve met load of people who have wanted to be in a band but work in all areas of the music industry as they try and get a break or get the access they need. From management to labels and marketing if you are in the industry you have a better chance of finding the information you need.


Other than that I would suggest local rehearsal rooms or studios, if you are near one. The studios and rehearsal rooms are more often willing to take on volunteers so may not pay.


And if all else fails, a trip to Silvia Young would be best to get performance tips!


The other way is to get your band out there playing gigs and meeting other musicians especially session musicians, make contacts and network as much as you can.

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