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What can a guitar god teach you about networking?

1 February 2018

When it comes to success many say that it’s not what you know, but who you know that’s important. But is that the case? The story of how Steve Vai became one of the world’s greatest guitar heroes shows that most of the time it’s a combination of the two.

Get creative with Talnet

22 September 2017

Talnet is a networking platform for people and businesses in the creative industries. With them you can create, promote and discover projects and work opportunities near you and around the world and also locate talent for collaboration. Co-Founder and joint CEO of Talnet, Louis Tornero-Moffitt, tells us more.

Get into learning and participation

21 September 2017

Thinking about a career in learning and participation in theatre? Susan Mulholland, Deputy Director of Participation at Northern Stage took time out of her busy week to talk to Melanie Shee, our Skills Academy Manager for the North East, about her role and some of the key aspects her job entails.

How to nail your graduate CV for the creative industries

31 August 2017

A report published by the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport showed strong economic growth in its sectors, with the creative industries experiencing the strongest growth in employment figures in the last five years. To ensure you become a part of these strong employment statistics, here’s how to nail your graduate CV!

Diversity in theatre: small players leading the way

13 July 2017

The lack of social and cultural diversity in the arts is the most pressing challenge the industry is currently facing. So how can theatre be relevant to our society and help us create a better one, if it doesn’t reflect its actual composition?

A backstage look at Leeds Festival

17 May 2017

Our Summer Festival Visits Programme allows students to get access backstage and get an insight into all the work that goes into a festival. Nathan Adams from Gateshead College attended Leeds festival in 2016 and shared with us his experience.

How Wac Arts supports young people and their performing arts careers

11 May 2017

Renowned actor Simon Callow is a patron of performing arts organisation Wac Arts, who aim to empower young people to change their world. He explains more about the organisation and how they are fully inclusive and diverse, as well as his own journey into theatre.

Thank you to everyone who took our survey and gave your input on Creative Choices.

How will we improve Creative Choices

24 March 2017

Following on from our 2016 survey, we are so pleased to hear that you are very satisfied with our content and think that we have improved over the last two years! To make sure we carry on progressing, here are four of the main issues you had with Creative Choices and how we are going to fix them.

6 ways to successfully enter the creative industries

14 March 2017

So you want to enter a creative industry? This sector is notoriously difficult to enter, but the Government has made creative industries a pillar of post-Brexit growth plan, so believe us, it’s not impossible and now is the best time to do so!

Start your career in Film, T.V. and Stage

13 February 2017

A career in the performing arts can be a daunting thought which offers very little stability in either your short or long term future. But with the right choices, you can give yourself a skills base that allows you a vast array of employment opportunities, alongside the more obvious fame and fortune.

“We recognise these opportunities as essential to developing in young people, a life-long passion for the arts.

Creative Choices Live! in Suffolk

23 November 2016

This autumn, DanceEast, Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds and New Wolsey Theatre opened their doors to 260 students, aged 13-18 years, from eleven schools and colleges from across the county, for Creative Choices Live! Suffolk.

How do young people know what the best thing to do is?

Getting the right careers advice for the creative industries

11 November 2016

Careers in the creative industries don’t always have set routes to 'getting in' like many other sectors do. Experience, passion and talent can often be more important than formal qualifications. Dianne Gillies, editor of careers website Planit, writes about how to make a start in a competitive sector.

Going for Gold with Arts Award

12 October 2016

Trinity College London, famous for their music and performing arts qualifications, also run a scheme called Trinity Arts Awards. This summer student Sienna James completed her Gold Award. She spoke about what this means for her, and how it is already leading to other creative opportunities.

Is the amount of work, castings and resources better in the North?

Surviving as an actor outside London

10 October 2016

Ahead of the Surviving Actors convention in Manchester on October 22nd, Surviving Actors caught up with Manchester-based actor Lucas Smith to get an insight on what it’s like being a performer up north.

Do you have to stick to the interview questions? Can’t you just have a chat? (Image: James Fletcher)

Let’s open up the creative workforce

2 June 2016

As someone who is neuro-diverse I have always been aware of how hard it is going to be to enter the arts and creative industries compared to my peers. Having volunteered in the sector for six years, here’s my view on how employers can make the workforce more diverse and inclusive.

How sound engineers and producers work their magic

29 April 2016

How do you get magic to happen in a recording studio? It starts with a mutual understanding between talented artists, skilled engineers and experienced producers. This is my view on the importance of sound engineers and producers (and what the difference is between the two).

My definitive guide to getting a break in the design industry

14 April 2016

What does a typical application process look like for a design career? The truth is that there is no such thing. Here's my definitive guide to getting a break in the design industry with 5 tips to help you kickstart your creative career.

From excluded at school to a creative career

22 March 2016

While school and college were challenging, having the opportunity to complete an apprenticeship has started me on a great career path. Winning Apprentice of the Year has given me the confidence to continue to work hard and challenge myself.

My journey into an apprenticeship

17 March 2016

Apprenticeships always appealed to me, but unfortunately my school failed to provide me with careers advice that focused on their benefits. This is my story about how I came to choose an apprenticeship and how I feel about the future now I'm on one.

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