Creating opportunities

,  15 October 2014

In this short film we hear from employers and young creatives about how internships and apprenticeships have helped them further their creative careers.

At Creative & Cultural Skills our goal is to create opportunities for young people who want to learn and work in the creative sector. 

Through our National Skills Academy we are creating unique opportunities for students to work with industry, and building the next generation of talent coming into the sector.

Zoë Briggs 

Learning Partnerships Manager, Ambassador Theatre Group

"The Creative choices website is a really great resource for young people to find careers advice, and as employers we can post opportunities there, particularly for vacancies that we would like to fill with new theatre technicians or new administrators in our business."

Marianne Nightingale

Going to university or college wasn’t really an option so an apprenticeship is absolutely perfect.

Apprentice Theatre Technician, Ambassador Theatre Group

"For myself in particular, I’m not hugely academic so an apprenticeship is something I was always looking for. I knew I like to work on the job and learn first-hand how everything works."

"For me going to university or college wasn’t really an option, so an apprenticeship is absolutely perfect."

Chris Brown

Co-Director, G39, Cardiff

"The process was really straightforward. We managed to identify the likely candidates that we could recruit, and the interview process was fantastic. We identified a really ambitious apprentice."

"It’s definitely something that we’re looking to continue because it has been such a benefit to the organisation."

Gemma Bending

Community Engagement & Learning Officer, National Trust, Sutton House

"Creative Choices is a fantastic way of widening the pool of candidates that can get into the arts sector. It’s a really great way of getting new people with fresh ideas into entry-level roles."

Jennifer Smith

Goldsmiths' Company Apprentice, The Goldsmiths' Centre

"To be honest I think getting into the trade without doing an apprenticeship would have been nearly impossible. You have to learn off a master. You have to learn from somebody who can teach you those skills, who has been there and done it before."

"I didn’t know this was something I could do. It’s not just going to university or getting a job, there is another option."

Alex Muirden

When you’re an apprentice people are teaching you the skills they’ve learnt over their careers and passing them on to you.

BA Music Production Student, South Essex College

"An apprenticeship will teach how things are actually done. With other ways of getting into the industry, you’re always going to sort of be at the edge of things. You’re maybe not necessarily learning as much as you could. Whereas when you’re an apprentice, people are teaching you the skills they’ve learnt over their careers and passing them on to you."

"I’m just at the beginning of it, but already learnt so much and I feel like I’ve actually got a career in the making."

Sinéad Owens

Intern, Wheelworks

"I think being an intern is an incredible choice. You get to work with professionals who have already experienced life in this industry. Not only that, but you get professional experience that you can use in the long term."

"The experience you get is incredible, it really helps you for the working world."

Ben Hawkins

Goldsmiths' Centre Foundation Programme Student, The Goldsmiths' Centre

"You’re meeting the right people, you’re getting involved in the job. If someone was going to employ you, you already have the skills they need and they have trained you up to do the right job."

Tamykha Patterson

Apprentice Theatre Technician, Ambassador Theatre Group

"With apprenticeships you're there and you know exactly what’s going on. So it’s not like you’re going to come out of it and be like 'this is not the world that I’m used to'. You get on the job training so everything is done how it would be done."

Diane Canning

It gives them the opportunity to open that door and find out what is available.

Sales & Front of House Manager, Platform

"I think one of the key benefits is that it leads young people into jobs that they might not know already exist. I think they might feel at school that you have to be very creative, but actually there is real hard work that goes on behind the scenes."

"It gives them the opportunity to open that door and find out what is available."

Gina Medina Brown

Learning Intern, National Trust, Sutton House

"I’ve gained so much confidence and had a lot of fun working on my internship. I would definitely recommend doing an internship."

This film was produced by the Creative & Cultural Skills Northern Ireland office with help from our creative partners in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

To hear more from the young creatives in this film you can watch "I made the choice to...". 

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