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 22 September 2017

Talnet is a networking platform for people and businesses in the creative industries. With them you can create, promote and discover projects and work opportunities near you and around the world and also locate talent for collaboration. Co-Founder and joint CEO of Talnet, Louis Tornero-Moffitt, tells us more.

"Communicate, show off work, display your skillset and become proactive in seeking work and placements."

Communicating an idea, vision and/or ambition is vital in life and work. It helps us to learn, grow and achieve.

It used to be challenging and time-consuming but now with the Internet, it is effortless to connect globally.

The rapid, global connection the Internet provides, along with the belief that the creative industries should have a hub for professionals to display their work, interact and network is what formed the foundations of Talnet.

Where did the idea come from?

Myself and Steve Ferris (Co-Founder and joint CEO of Talnet) have both worked in the creative industries, namely Film and Television.

Being a motivated self-starter with lots of positivity are essential traits to have and will prove to be valuable strings to your bow when you enter the world of work within the creative industries. 

It soon became apparent to both of us that there is a constant need for personnel in these sectors and the opportunities being advertised usually landed to the same type of individuals who could be ‘vouched’ for.

Where this is acceptable and understandable, there has to be a better method for locating collaborators.

Especially given the power of the Internet and technology we have at our fingertips on a daily basis.

We came up with the idea that a networking platform would give users the ability to communicate, show off their existing work, display their location and skillset and become proactive in seeking work and placements.

The platform also needed to be created, not only to solidify the workforce in the creative industries globally, but to provide a place for opportunities to be created for both established professionals and those just entering the industry.

That networking platform is now a reality in the shape of Talnet.

How can users interact with Talnet?

The fundamental dynamics for users to get the most on Talnet are the same as those in “real-world” situations. To achieve you must display!

Displaying can be a physical showcase in the form of headshots or showreels (for example), however it can also be asking questions and seeking advice from those already established. It's about making an impression and selling yourself as well as your abilities.

Finding work as a creative

Proactivity in the creative industries is vital and goes hand in hand with your skillset. This is an industry where 99 per cent of the time it is up to you to find your next opportunity.

Whether that is to broaden your portfolio or to pay the bills, the reality is you can go for periods without employment.

Finding work relies on not only your ability to fit the specification, but your decorum as a contributor. Personality and attitude contribute a lot more within this industry than mainstream sectors.

Ask yourself these questions:

1) Am I dependable?
Think of your timekeeping and the promptness of your communication. Are you happy to stay overtime at a moment's notice? This industry can and will throw curve-balls your way!

2) How is your input?
Do you have to have things your way or can you collaborate effectively?

3) How do you feel about working with a group?
Do you work for the gain of the project or for personal triumph? The Film, Television, Theatre and Music sectors are team games, and there is no 'I' in team!

Join today

Being a motivated self-starter with lots of positivity are essential traits to have and will prove to be valuable strings to your bow when you enter the world of work within the creative industries.

Proactivity begins with Talnet, create your individual profile right now for free and start your networking, promotion and job-finding journey!

Or create your company profile for £15 per month or £150 per year.

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