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Our research shows that freelance and small businesses make up the majority of the creative industries, so this section is dedicated to helping you develop your business skills. Get advice from the industry on starting or growing a business, as well as guidance for being a successful freelancer. Learn more about finance, funding and legal issues.

The 7 Ps of planning effective workshops

If you Google “how to plan effective workshops” you will find pages full of results that could lead to hours of reading. Going through some of these pages, I saw a common trend and a useful pattern. Here are 7 things you need to consider when planning workshops, based on my research and experience as a workshop leader.

5 self-promotion tactics for quiet people

Marketing yourself can be hard when you are a naturally quiet person. Pete Mosley, advisor to creative people and businesses, shared five top tips on how to self-promote.

There has been a great deal of research in recent years on the benefits of having a social outlook on life. (Image: James Fletcher)

Skills for better networking

Face to face networking doesn't have to be a nightmare, but first of all you need to work on your social and commercial skills. Networking expert Darryl Howes looks at how to improve these skills and aid your networking technique.

Hivehaus benefited from Transmit funding to help develop its business creating modular living space.

Why the UK is great for creative businesses

The UK’s world-class creative industries are booming – good news for the start-ups that are so vital to the sector. Creative business mentor Damian Baetens from Transmit explains why now is an excellent time to launch your business.

Reach your audience with email

As a creative you should be allocating a portion of your time to marketing. In the online world this often translates to using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. However, email still remains one of the most effective forms of online marketing.

Advertising for new staff

When it's time to take on new staff, how do you make sure your advert reaches the right candidates? Amy Edwards, from digital jobs board Bubble Jobs, shared advice for employers on targeting the right people.

Colin covers a range of areas, including staff, organisational development, reward, recruitment and volunteering.

Get the most from your staff

Does your organisation value its workforce? Colin Butler, Head of HR at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, gives six ways for creative businesses to help their staff develop.

The business health check tool asks you to spend a short period reviewing key questions about your business. Image © Anna Steinberg

A quick business health check

How do you step back and review the direction of your business? Download a free tool that can help you think about what you have achieved and where your business is heading.

Personal injury claims can run to many thousands of pounds, and take hours of legal argument to settle. (Image: Peter Shanks)

Insuring your public space

Few people set out to cause an accident, but they do happen. And if one happens on your premises, you could be considered responsible. Nick Green from PolicyBee explains how insurance can help.

Your website could be the key to winning over a new customer or losing them to a competitor.

Tell your brand story online

What do you think is the most popular page on your website? Surprisingly, it's often your 'about us' page. Simon Goble from print and design company MOO gives 7 tips for making sure you get it right.

Tools for decision-making

How can you map out tough business decisions? Download a free tool that can help you lay out the options.

Collections Trust CEO Nick Poole and Bill Thomspon on how heritage organisations can engage others. Image: Amanda Clay

Engaging people in heritage

How should you engage with students, teachers, the public and other heritage organisations? Open Culture 2013's speakers shared nine ways to achieve greater engagement.

Presenting with confidence

Do you need help with public speaking? Vocal coach, Maeve Diamond, shares five top tools and exercises to make your presenting style better and raise your confidence.

How to create a work placement

What factors need to be considered when creating a productive work placement? Amanda Lightstone shares 5 tips for creating a programme that benefits both the organisation and the volunteer.

A good campaign needs to be carefully crafted before it can be put before a crowd.

The dark side of crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is often seen as a fun, fast and safe method of raising cash for a project or start-up. But the risks are still plentiful, and failure can be very public.

Keep employees engaged through learning and development.

6 tips for employee retention

Ensuring your top people stay with you and are engaged should be the biggest priority for an employer. The Design Business Association have offered 6 tips for retaining employees.

A business plan doesn't have to be a long, formal document.

6 tips for effective marketing

Often people starting a creative business feel they ought to write a business plan. Pete Mosley, advisor to creative people and businesses, has six pieces of advice to develop a market research strategy more easily.

Bob McDermid works for Birmingham Museums Trust and has found a 'talent managment strategy' useful in helping staff develop skills.

Developing your workforce

How can you make the most out of the talent in your company? Bob McDermid, Workforce Development Manager at Birmingham Museums Trust, gave four stages for writing your own talent management strategy.

Could your customers participate more directly in the activity of your business?

8 ways to engage customers

How can you get your customers working for you? Chris Buckingham shared 8 ways creatives could apply the concept of the 'working customer' to their businesses.

A good crowdfunding campaign should enable you to interact with your audience in a new way.

8 steps for crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is an increasingly popular way for creatives to find money and support for their projects. Chris Buckingham, a researcher and lecturer on crowdfunding, has advice on how to get started.

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