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Creative Industries Co-ordinator

Fee: £10,000

Application deadline: November 29th 2019

The arts and cultural scene is Worcester is about to pop! The Arches Project will develop live and digital platforms, diversifying ambitious festival culture, and create new versatile making spaces for the creative industries. The Arches will connect local businesses and the artistic community, to enable our economy and ecology to flourish. “since we opened our arch here in 2017, we have employed 15 people, used local cheese makers, organic vegetable growers and artisan
drink producers. This all helps grow the local economy here in Worcester” “We are always looking for ways to engage our local community. From local artists workshops, soup kitchens for the homeless, or collaborations with local businesses like our own”, Proprietors and business owners based in Arches. This will be a direct walkway from Foregate Street Station, through to the Hive, and on to the river. Connecting independent businesses and creative space.

The Arches Project will be completed soon, providing a range of new workspace, exhibition and event space, and acting as a catalyst for the development of the creative sector in Worcester. The project is managed through a series of workstreams and the "Skills Workstream" - facilitated by Advantage Creative -
wish to commission two freelance facilitators of the development programme. We will accept a tender from an individual, or from an organisation. We will also accept a tender for either post separately, or combined as a joint tender. We are very interested in new opportunities and innovation so if a company wanted to
appoint a graduate or apprentice to the Creative Industries Co-ordinator role in the process or something similar, we would be keen to support that in principal, sign-post to additional funding, and would view the approach favourably.

Creative Industries Co-ordinator 

The Creative Industries Co-ordinator will develop and sustain links to creative companies and individuals involved directly and indirectly in the Worcester Arches Creative Industry Workspace project and promote a range of existing or new development opportunities. They will support the Entrepreneur in Residence to develop contacts and connections with relevant local businesses and strategic agents significant to the local creative industries development agenda, and the needs of the particular beneficiaries.The Creative Industries Coordinator will will work closely with the EiR, and report directly to the Skills Workstream Co-ordinator.

What is the value of the commission?

We have anticipated the fee for the Creative Industries Co-ordinator to be (not exceeding) £10,000. This is based on anticipated day rates between £150 and £300 over a period of 24 months in total.

What is the duration of the contract?

We expect the contract to begin in January 2020 and conclude by December 2021. 

Where will it be based?

We expect the contractor to be flexible in terms of their workplace/s. There will be a requirement to attend events and activities outside of normal working hours.

How to apply:

Please send an email with an outline proposal to the commission/commissions. This should be no more than 1500 in total per application to each of the roles (1000 words per role and 500 words context/other).
Please state clearly: how you meet the requirements of the commission, relevant experience, breakdown of cost over the duration, any other important information and any support requirements. In addition you may forward current CV's or biographies relevant to the posts. Please feel free to add any links, publications or signpost to relevant portfolio examples of past work on no more than 1 additional A4 page in total.

Deadline for application:

We would like to recieve your application no later than 12 midnight on Friday 29th November. Please send your proposal and support information to 

Your application should be marked: Commission - Arches Project, Role (state the role/s). Please also use this email if you would like any further information prior to submission.

Download pack for more information. 

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