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Junior Designer and Apprentice Content Producer

£137 per week

Application deadline: July 17th 2018

Company background:

We are an award winning creative agency delivering memorable business communications and heightened brand credibility. We help our clients to talk with clarity and confidence when they take themselves to market; we do this through a carefully considered approach to creative graphic design and media services.We operate in nine defined areas:

  • Identity and Brand
  • Design for Print
  • Design for Web
  • Bespoke Illustration
  • Packaging Design
  • Animation Videos
  • Large Format Graphics
  • Social Media and Content Management
  • Studio Photography

How we work:

As designers, it is important to question the obvious and explore ideas in great depth. Understanding the question in the brief is the only way to answer it correctly. We don’t just do what we are told, we ask questions that start with words like why, who and what. When we discover a design solution, we strip back the clutter and only use what we need to get the message across. We won’t baffle clients with jargon either, we’ll just say it as it is; and if something isn’t quite right or isn’t working then we’ll say so and provide an alternative route to a solution.

What we are looking for:

We are looking for a creative individual to work with us on B2B project work for a range of clients across a broad spectrum of industries and markets. Our client base is wide and varied, deliberately so in order to keep us fresh and creative. We could be designing a business card for a plumber and press adverts for a local gym in the morning and an integrated campaign for a pharmaceutical company in the afternoon.

As our company grows, we are looking for a creative all-rounder to come on board with us for the journey. Mandatory skill sets are graphic design and branding but the ideal candidate would bring something different to the table in terms of software skills, technical or creative knowledge.

We have expanded our service offering in a subtle but deliberate rebrand in early 2018 and we are looking for a new team member to add some value, knowledge and ability in some of the newer areas in which we are looking to do more work within. With this in mind, any applicants with additional skills in the following areas would be placing themselves in a very strong position for consideration for interview:

  • Web development
  • Animation
  • Video editing
  • Photography
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Copywriting

Our location is best described as semi-rural with limited public transport routes and access, so own transport would be extremely advantageous.

With any small creative business, there will be inevitable time periods where lone working is unavoidable.

Salary/Wage: Competitive and dependent on age, experience and portfolio.