• Best Practice Recruitment Guide for Creative Leaders

    The Best Practice Recruitment Guide for Creative Leaders has been designed to help employers reflect on how they might currently approach recruitment and offers simple steps that could help a business reach beyond the norm. We’d like to support employers to understand what diversity and inclusivity really mean, and the moral, social and legal implications of truly embracing these.

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  • A Best Practice Guide to Apprenticeships, Internships and Volunteering

    Since 2008, we have led the developments of the creative apprenticeship frameworks and have seen thousands of apprentices start in the sector, supporting young people to pursue an alternative route into employment in our world leading industry.

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  • Working with the Self-Employed: A Best Practice Guide for Businesses

    Complimented by our ‘Working with Freelancers’ sector support training session, this guide provides an overview of the responsibilities and distinctions of working with freelancers and is a tool to encourage objective assessment of an organisation’s current understanding and approach when working with the self-employed.

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  • Building a Creative Nation – Current and Future Skills Needs

    The creative and cultural industries are one of the mainsprings of the British economy, yet despite its strong position, the creative and cultural sector is facing a number of skills challenges, which could threaten its continued growth and prosperity. This report explores the skills that are key to sustaining this growth, and addressing current gaps and shortages is a priority to ensure the sector continues to thrive.

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