16 February 2011

Carpenters and joiners in the theatre & dance sector and crafts sector work with wood. They work in theatres or in workshops. In the theatre & dance sector, they specifically make, fit or repair scenery and props that are part of a play or show.

Kes Hayfer and Simeon Tachev, carpenters at Shakespeare Globe Theatre.
Kes Hayfer and Simeon Tachev, carpenters at Shakespeare Globe Theatre.

Carpenters use a range of tools and techniques in their work. They may use traditional woodworking tools. Along with this they may specialised power or hand tools for cutting, shaping, smoothing and finishing.
When working in theatres on sets, carpenters have to carry out a number of functions:

  • To work with the stage design team to discuss the potential construction
  • To study drawings and designs to calculate angles and dimensions
  • To choose the correct materials and tools for the work
  • They may need to work with other theatre & dance staff members, such as prop makers, to carry out their work.

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