Dance teacher

 2 March 2011

Dance teachers educate and instruct on different forms of dance. They work with individuals and groups of all ages and abilities to help them learn dance practices.

Dance teachers educate and instruct dance.
Dance teachers educate and instruct dance.

The majority of their time is spent teaching classes and providing constructive feedback to pupils, but other tasks may include:

  • Planning lessons around a syllabus
  • Selecting music and preparing routines
  • Showing people how to warm up and dance safely, in order to minimise the chances of injury
  • Assessing and recording the individual progress of pupils
  • Preparing pupils and putting them forward for examinations.

Many dance teachers start out as professional performers. They move into teaching as their career progresses. Job opportunities exist in:

  • State and independent schools
  • Colleges
  • Private dance schools
  • Leisure and community facilities.

How can i become a dance teacher?

Become a registered teacher with the Royal Academy of Dance, a specialist dance education provider with over 90 years' experience in inspiring, cultivating and supporting dance teachers around the world.

Many of the RAD awards provide a pathway to becoming a RAD Registered Teacher. They have a professional network of approximately 8,000 teachers registered with the RAD.

Find out more here.

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