22 March 2011

Entertainers perform for the enjoyment for crowds or groups of people at a function.

Clive Selwyn, musician and performer
Clive Selwyn, musician and performer

They cover a broad spectrum of performance, such as:

  • Live performers in stage shows, cabaret or nightclubs
  • Singers
  • DJs
  • Dancers
  • Circus performers, magicians and illusionists
  • Comedians and mime artists
  • Jugglers and children's entertainers.

Some entertainers are skilled in just one area of performance. However, others have several skills that combine to create an act. An example of this could be a comedian who sings and plays an instrument.

The majority of entertainers have one or more agents to help them find work. Gaps between work are quite usual, so some entertainers do other jobs to maintain a full-time living. Entertainers with flexible skills are more likely to work regularly, as they have opportunities for different types of work. Some entertainers are solo performers, while others operate as part of a group.

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