Make-up artist

 22 March 2011

Make-up artists apply make-up and style hair for performers and presenters. Their work is seen on film, stage and television.

Yuliya Kerdol, make-up artists.
Yuliya Kerdol, make-up artists.

The work of a make-up artist varies from straightforward, contemporary make-up and hairdressing to more creative and specialist techniques. This could include make-up and cosmetics for horror or science fiction productions, or for recreating different historical periods.

Make-up artists have to be experts in their field:

  • Selecting and purchasing supplies
  • Doing 'corrective' make-up and hair tidying, as well as applying full make-up
  • Discussing with directors and lighting departments the overall effect that they want
  • Researching past styles of hair and make-up for period productions
  • Adding prosthetics such as false noses and scars, wigs and hair decorations.

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