Producer (live events)

 15 March 2011

Producers of live events are responsible for running successful live spectacles. The producer works on live shows and events in the music industry such as concerts and music festivals. They must coordinate technical staff and performers to ensure everything runs smoothly. They have to have high quality acts and performers for a successful event. Live events may be one-offs or regular annual events. They can be held in indoor and outdoor music venues of all sizes.

The live events producer's work will often include:

  • Working with organisations, venues and artists involved in live events
  • Finding and booking suitable venues
  • Planning stage layouts, schedules, timings and performances
  • Making arrangements for artists who are performing at the live event involved in the exhibition (this may include travel, accommodation and hospitality)
  • Ensuring the arrangement of other facilities, e.g. catering, toilets, entertainment, and insurance cover 
  • Organising printed material, e.g. publicity flyers, posters or programmes.

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