Tutor Hack: Study Programme Work Experience

Employability comes from a student’s interaction with their chosen sector during their training, and work experience happens from the moment they enrol on a course. Now is the time to ensure the Study Programme work experience specification matches the realities of the creative industries.

Further to the work started at the first Creative Training and Delivery Conference, we are picking up the hot topic of building work experience within the Study Programme.

Ian Goldthorpe, Amersham and Wycombe College, is convening a session on Friday 10 July at 10.00-13.00 hosted by Live Nation (Argyll Street, London W1F 7TS). This is being held pre-summer to help develop your programmes for next year.

How do we twin meaningful work interactions with the work experience needed for the Study Programme?

The guidance from the Department for Education on work experience poses a difficult challenge for learners in creative industries. Is it possible to find sufficient, meaningful, external work experience places for all learners for 36 hours of the year, and potentially all in the same week?

It would be useful for colleges to share their current practice and plans for next year as well as discuss these questions.

  • What is meaningful work experience?
  • How do we engage learners to appreciate the wider aspects of work experience when they cannot do their necessary vocational skills e.g. play an instrument?
  • What do we get an industry that is already crammed and has expectations to be able to do the high-end roles e.g. acting?
  • How can we use live briefs more so that it is clear that the students are leading the project and not the teachers?
  • How are the hours recorded for the auditing?

To attend the session please RSVP to programmes@ccskills.org.uk by Wednesday 1 July

Ofsted have recently published the changes to the Inspection (from September 2015), which are available here.