Based in Manchester, Brighter Sound is a creative music charity working to develop the music creators, leaders and industry professionals of the future. We met with Bella and her line managers to find out more about her Creative Kickstart placement and the impact it's had on her career plans.

At Brighter Sound, they work to develop the music creators, leaders and industry professionals of the future, with a particular focus on supporting those who are historically and currently underrepresented. Their creative projects, residencies, training and events help people with everything from artistic and career development, to building communities and personal confidence.

We visited the team to meet Bella Casson who joined the company as part of the Creative Kickstart scheme and has been working as the Admin Assistant at Both Sides Records, the record label attached to Brighter Sound. In these interviews with Bella and her line managers Grace Goodwin (Record Label Manager, Both Sides Records) and Kate Lowes (Head of Programmes, Brighter Sound), we find out more about the skills and experiences Bella has developed, the projects she's worked on and the impact the opportunity has had on both Bella and the organisation.

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Films and imagery created by Victor Frankowski, Hello Content. 

About Creative Kickstart

Kickstart is a job creation scheme by The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) that provides funding to employers to create six-month job placements for 16-24 year olds currently receiving Universal Credit.

As a gateway organisation for Kickstart, we’ve been working with the sector since July 2021 to support the creation of roles for unemployed young people through our Creative Kickstart programme, funded by the DWP. Since the programme started, it has given over 100 young people six-month job placements within the creative and cultural industries and we expect to see that increase to over 400 before March 2022. Find out more.