Breakout sessions

View the full list of our 11 breakout sessions that happened at our 2017 National Conference.

The breakout sessions ran in the afternoon of our conference; with the first session of your choice taking place from 14:00-15:00 and the second session of your choice taking place from 15:30-16:30.

1. Putting Diversity Into Practice

This session will explore how to translate a willingness to create a more diverse workforce into practical steps towards achieving it. We will consider what stops organisations reflecting the wider community in their workforce and how to effect change. With Pauline Tambling, Creative & Cultural Skills; Tony Heaton, Shape Arts; Melanie Abrahams, Renaissance One and Tilt; and Philip Hedley, Theatre Royal Stratford East

2. National College Creative Industries

Find out how employers in the creative industries can engage with their National College. You will hear how the National College provides students with specialist, professional, technical education to access job and work opportunities available in the industry. Join Principal, Jane Button to share your view on current skills gaps in the sector and how that can translate into future curriculum opportunities.

3. Apprenticeship reforms in England

A guide to the Government's apprenticeship reforms in England including the levy, employer contributions, and how to develop an employer-led apprenticeship standard (trailblazer).
You will hear from employers who are at different stages of the process, and have the opportunity to ask questions from those closely involved in this work for the creative and cultural industries: Sara Whybrew, Creative & Cultural Skills; Linda Brooklyn, Personnel & Workforce Development Manager, Fitzwilliam Museum; Kath Geraghty, Apprenticeships & Assessments Manager, National Theatre; John Young, Director, John Young Creative Industries

4. An International Britain: Access, Diversity, Opportunities

The UK’s future exit from the European Union has sparked a number of questions around Britain’s role in the world. As the UK’s cultural relations organisation, the British Council and its partners strive to build connections between the UK and the world, join Simon Dancey and Sarah MacShane, Cultural Skills, British Council, and Shonagh Manson, Jerwood Charitable Foundation, to reflect upon current and future initiatives seeking to ensure fair and widened access to meaningful opportunities for international engagements for the whole of UK’s cultural sector.

5. Diversity and Recruitment

This workshop will explore what is really desirable and essential when looking for the cultural professional of the future; how to assess for those things; and how to support candidates through new recruitment exercises. It will be led by Lib Fox, Emma Reeve and Tim Rousham of Colchester + Ipswich Museums, following two years of Arts Council England funded project ‘The Training Museum’, which aims to take a long-term approach to diversity within the museum sector. It will also consider the recommendations of the Character Matters report around ‘personal qualities’ and ‘innovative recruitment’.

6. Real Life Learning For Real Life Jobs

RSL qualifications and how they prepare students for future employment. With diversity in the workplace increasing all the time, the value of recruiting students from a range of backgrounds is becoming ever more essential for the education provider focused on both integration and longevity. This session seeks to discuss some of the benefits to providers committed to diversity whilst also discussing some of the highly-nuanced approaches to student recruitment. The importance of industry relevance, cultural diversity and rigour in creative arts education is paramount and as such our approach to qualification development will be discussed in detail. Led by Nik Preston, RSL Awards.

7. Gold Arts Award and 21c Skills

Skills are changing and employers say that young people need to develop creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, media literacy and communication. Cultural organisations are using Gold Arts Award to build these '21c skills' and give young people an edge in getting work. Dhikshana Pering (Learning Officer: Young People’s Skills Programme) and Sarah Moreno, (Learning Apprentice: Young People’s Skills Programme) from London Transport Museum will talk about the value Gold Award adds to an apprenticeship. Emrys Green (Projects & Business Manager) from Upstart Projects will describe how Gold Award prepares young people to get ahead in arts and media careers.

8. The Next Phase of The National Skills Academy

An open review of our national programme. Join our Skills Academy Managers to discuss our Live Briefs, Speakers programme, and exclusive Production Day Visits. Let us know what you feel works, and where you feel the gaps and challenges are as we develop our offer, and launch our 2017/18 brochure. Rob West, Creative & Cultural Skills

9. From Apprentice to T-Shaped Worker

Designed especially for the apprentices and young people at the conference, get advice from fellow apprentices on how you should prepare for the next stage of your career, and hear directly from industry professionals about the kind of skills and attitudes you will need to succeed. Darren Foley, Pearlfisher; Robin Millar, Music Producer.
Please note: This breakout will only be available from 14:00-15:00

10. Power of You

Why diversity and inclusion matter and why it’s so important to successful businesses today. What does a truly diverse and inclusive culture look like? How can finding hidden talent help your business to become more inclusive? Joanna Abeyie will draw on her own experience as an award-winning journalist, business owner and social campaigner to bring this to life. Ultimately, it’s a story of how people and organisations that overcome their blind spots can open up new pools of untapped talent.
Please note: This breakout will only be available from 15:30-16:30

11. Tour of High House Production Park

High House Production Park is home to The Backstage Centre; the Royal Opera House’s Production Workshop and new Bob and Tamar Manoukian Costume Centre; and ACME Artist’s Studios. It is a unique collaboration between these organisations and Thurrock Council to bring the creative industries into an area of regeneration. Take a tour of the Park with Andrea Stark, former CEO of High House Production Park, to find out more about what’s going on onsite and how you can get involved.

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