What we offer

Learn about the programme of activity for our education partners this year and how to stay on top of the opportunities we offer.

The National Skills Academy network of education and industry delivers programmes designed to improve the provision of skills and training in the creative and cultural industries.

Not everyone has the focus to sit in a classroom - some people learn better by getting involved and doing things" – Sherice Pitter, Creative & Cultural Skills Apprentice of the Year 2016

We work with our partners to shape the next generation of creative practitioners, sending out young people who are technically trained and professionally mentored to lead and innovate in a growing sector. 

Last year we offered exclusive backstage access for staff and students from our network at major live events festivals such as Latitude, Leeds and Download. We also ran live brief projects with organisations such as BBC Music introducing, the British Council and the Design Museum, and delivered industry-led careers events around the UK. We took part in careers events such as the Museums and Heritage Show, Skills London and The Skills Show, and hosted bespoke activities with colleges in Wales, Northern Ireland, and England including our now annual Northern Ireland Creative & Cultural Skills Awards and Creative Education Forums.

We have revised our membership model so that education can take part at different levels of engagement: from simple 'pay for services' contracts, to major engagement as one of our Leadership Group of Colleges.

Your programme of activity

Your annual programme of activity is announced every March and starts the following September. Members can connect to the programme at different levels to suit their needs and some services can even be bought in on a one-off basis.

Take a look at the 2017-18 National Skills Academy Programme or browse the side menu on the top right to see our programme breakdown.

The annual programme includes:​

How we update you

To supplement our annual programme, we provide regular education updates. These give specific information about opportunities for you and your students that are coming up, including deadlines, key facts and how to get involved, so make sure you check them.

Your local contact will also be in touch with regular updates via email so that you won't miss out.

Not a member already? To find out how membership of the National Skills Academy could benefit you, or if you would like to become a member, please contact [email protected]