Apprenticeship Information Events

Spread the word to employers in your area about our information events or be prepared to come along and meet employers who may be in need of your services, in their organisation.

Around the country Further Education Colleges are busy explaining to employers how Apprenticeships are designed to meet the needs of business, and how recruiting an Apprentice gives a company an opportunity to breathe fresh life into their organisation.

Whereas in sectors such as Construction where the culture of Apprenticeships is a long standing one, the task is harder when approaching the Creative Industries. Here is a sector with a significant number of SMEs and micro businesses that nonetheless also see Apprenticeships as an important entry-route.

Linking employers to the right training provider is a key role that the National Skills Academy can help with. Therefore members may be interested to the series of apprenticeship briefings we are currently running around the country.

Take a look at the locations and event description and get yourself booked on!