“Experience the Backstage Centre” Tours - Book your students and tutors in now

UK COLLEGES: Bring your students and tutors on a tour of The Backstage Centre, and pick from our menu of hands-on workshops.

If you'd like to know how you can use The Backstage Centre to enrich your production arts and live events courses, an "Experience the Backstage Centre" tour could be the perfect solution.

Led by a member of The Backstage Centre team, you will visit the sound stage, green room, the grid, recording studio, rehearsal rooms, as well as the technical and production workshops.Tours last approximately one hour and are recommended for groups no bigger than 30 people.

Workshop or demonstrations

After touring the building, you can include a workshop or demonstration in one of the following areas:


Workshops are suitable for anyone who wishes to have hands-on experience of technical theatre, and can also be used to help teach science, design and ICT.

For more details, costs, or to book a tour, please email the Backstage Centre's Education Manager Emily or call 020 3675 6751.