Fun Palaces

A Fun Palace is created by the community for the community, and this year could link your work to the creative heart of your town.

In October 2014, 130 Fun Palaces took place across the UK, with another 8 outside the UK in France, Germany, Sweden, Australia, Canada and Iceland. Sixty thousand people took part in these free and fun community events, combining arts and sciences in local venues and spaces. Crucially, the vast majority of Fun Palaces were not made by 'experts'  (in arts, sciences, or engagement) - they were led by 3183 local people, mostly volunteers, mostly people for whom running an event was a brand new experience - creating their weekend events as part of building an ongoing local community.

More than just a weekend, Fun Palaces is a campaign to enable greater access for all to arts and sciences, thereby contributing to community and social cohesion – through radical fun and radical accessibility.  With an annual event every October, locally-led and community-driven – anyone and everyone is encouraged to get involved and create their own local Fun Palace.

The 2015 dates are the 3rd and 4th October. If you want to take part, contact to see what else is happening within the Skills Academy.

Links :

short film about the weekend in 2014 
short film about the concept/build up (prior to the weekend in 2014) 

manifesto :
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Fun Palaces contact: