The Advantage Training (4 and 5 March) - Education Membership discount

Give your students the Advantage and a business opportunity for you. 4 and 5 March

Give your learners 'The Advantage' and a business opportunity for you.

As educators we seek to help our learners fulfill their potential through knowledge, qualifications and soft skills.  There are seven core soft skills that are relevant to everyone if they are to succeed in life and work, they are:  adaptability, critical thinking, empathy, integrity, optimism, being proactive and resilience .  'The Advantage' is a highly interactive training programme that uses experiential learning techniques to immediately raise learner's awareness of these soft skills. Feedback from the programme to-date has been excellent.  

Emma-Sue Prince, author of The Advantage and Director of Unimenta, is delivering a 2 day Licensed Trainer Workshop for teachers and trainers on 4th & 5th March in London.  As a member of Creative & Cultural Skills you can become a Licensed Advantage trainer for just £500 + VAT (normally £600 + VAT) if you apply by 27th February. Once Licensed, you will receive The Advantage materials to deliver to your learners and marketing support if you wish to develop a new business opportunity. If you would like more information please email Emma Sue.