Youth Production Network Tour

We are pleased to be promoting the upcoming tour by the Production Youth Network allowing students to gain skills in presenting a concert in their college

Gaining experience into the Live Events sector can be about creating your own event, so with the Youth Production Network (the country’s leading collective of live events training experiences) you can bring the team to your college to work with your Production and Music Tech students on creating your own gig. The YPN Team and Touring Band consists of young professionals in Lighting, Sound, Tour Management, Production Management and Artist Performance. Joining the YPN Touring Band, we will be bringing the Skills Academy partnership with BBC Introducing to allow your college to include a new up-and-coming band as part of your gig at the end of the day. Please find the details of the project and costs attached, and you will be able to pick a date within their tour from 2 – 6 November.

Please note the advertised costs do not include VAT, Expenses, and additional equipment may need to be hired based  on your facilities. The Masterclass series can be booked at any time during the year.

To find out more please visit