Jack Meyer

Jack Meyer


Jack didn’t start out in jewellery. His former job as a military contractor building 3D real-time CAD models for flight simulators was what originally brought him to the UK from the US.

After his final posting with the RAF ended, he left computer graphics behind and retrained as a traditional jeweller and blacksmith. Several years later, due to his unusual combination of computer graphics programming and hand-made jewellery manufacturing techniques, Jack was asked to learn CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Design/Manufacture).

Since then, he has gained certification in all major types of 2D and 3D CAD software used in jewellery. Jack has also come to be recognised as a sort of industry expert on jewellery-based CAD/CAM design, manufacturing, and rendering technologies.

Nowadays, when not helping out with the jewellery manufacturing company he started, Jack develops and teaches the various CAD courses for Holts Academy, and writes articles on CAD jewellery trends and education for his blog, CAD Jewellery Skills.