Jessica Hepburn

Jessica Hepburn

Organisation: Lyric Theatre

To support the Building a Creative Nation campaign, Jessica Hepburn has:

Employed an apprentice

Joined the Building a Creative Nation campaign

Building a Creative Nation

"Fair access to the creative sector is not just important in terms of equality but also in ensuring that our industry continues to be creative and competitive. The lifeblood of our sector has always been the development of new ideas, new voices and new opportunities.

"I therefore believe that encouraging new routes into our profession that champion youth, diversity and potential are one of the best possible ways of building a creative business. I am delighted that this year one of the ways we are doing this at the Lyric is by employing four Creative Apprentices in entry level jobs across the organisation. Moving forward I am committed to continuing and increasing this number creating an apprenticeship culture at the heart of our workforce."

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