Creative Gym: a collection of essays and case studies

This eBooklet helps acknowledge and address key competencies, which are prevalent and important within the cultural sector, exploring new ways and institutional approaches to innovative training in the cultural sector and taking specific measures to enhance participation rate in vocational educational training.

Cultural management encompasses the art of planning, organising, leading, supervising and monitoring activities within the not-for-profit and for-profit branches of the cultural sector. Paths into a career in cultural management are diverse and, for many, not a straight line: in some cases, cultural managers come directly from studies in management and economics, in other cases they are artists or scholars coming from humanities who need to acquire managerial skills and competences.

A career in cultural management can be very rewarding. People can choose from a range of careers that open doors in the invisible ’wall’ between creativity/culture and the public: a cultural manager could work in a crafts store or an art gallery, or for a music magazine or book publisher or a museum; he/she could assist an organisation in its financial or human resource practices, develop new programmes and policies, pull together the talents and skills of many people to create new cultural products or services, or work with multiple organisations to develop good practices in cultural management. They are all very stimulating and interesting careers which require creativity, commitment and the right attitudes and skills.

Creative Gym is about developing skills and creating new institutional systems through training for cultural mantagers and different project activities.

But what sort of training? And which exercises ensure the best performances? This booklet proposes a range of them, all based on the underpinning concept of the need for understanding the composition of the cultural sector in the different countries and for sharing experiences in a crosscountry mode. In fact, Creative Gym is the product of a EU funded project – Upskill: Up skilling cultural managers, matching skills needs by improving vocational training – and it seems to me extremely meaningful the fact that it underlines, on the one hand, how the different training exercises and operation models must be adequate to the local contexts, on the other hand how – in applying and testing them – we should never forget the European dimension which we all live in.

Let’s go training then!

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