Step three: Prepare for an apprenticeship

You’ve made a decision on your capacity and financial ability to deliver an apprenticeship, now for the planning.

Use this Apprenticeship Checklist to ensure that your organisation is ready to start a great apprenticeship.

Preparation and planning is the key to a successful apprenticeship. Doing the ground work now will help ensure you don’t encounter any unscheduled work further in to the process and will aid the smooth development of your partnership with the training provider.

Being certain that the organisation has the right skills in-house, good administration processes, and senior management support for your chosen apprenticeship will give you a head start.

Doing the preparation in advance allows you to put measures in place, particularly if you identify gaps in provision or capacity. It’s better to do that first, than when you have an apprentice already working with you.

Work with a training provider

You need a training provider to deliver the knowledge element (the technical certificate) and assess the apprentice's qualification.

We can link you up with our network of further education colleges across the country. Each of them knows the apprenticeship process inside-out from long experience delivering them.

Many of them also offer flexible models of working, including distance learning and block delivery, if the official model (day-release at college) doesn't work for you.

Working with a college or training provider can be a new and sometimes daunting prospect for a small arts organisation. Training providers are large operations working across many industries, some of which have been running apprenticeships for years. So being primed to slot in seamlessly will be of real benefit to your business as it will cost you less time in the long run.

Working in partnership with other employers

You can also train the apprentice yourself if you want to. We've helped lots of employers link up as cluster groups to deliver apprenticeships for themselves.

These are called 'Group Training Associations', but they're essentially just another way of working to deliver an apprenticeship.

We can advise on every step setting this kind of system up - from explaining the basics to advising on how yours could work. Then we can broker agreements with our college partners so you can draw down the apprenticeship funding for the model.

Contact us if you have any questions.