Step five: The first day

Your apprentice's first day.

As with any new employee, there are some things you'll need to bear in mind when your apprentice starts work.

However, you don't have any extra obligations just because you're working with a young person. For example, as an apprentice, the young person is an employee: this means that, no matter how old they are, there is no need for a CRB check for staff.

You should also be fine with health and safety - the law doesn't discriminate on age. As long as you're undertaking regular workplace assessments anyway, you won't need to do anything extra for the apprentice.

However, you will need to ensure that staff are aware the apprentice will need a certain amount of time out of the workplace so they can train and be assessed for their qualification.


Imagine being a young person, walking into your first day at work, perhaps in an organisation you’ve always wanted to work in, or perhaps in an area of work that’s been a lifetime ambition.

How nervous would you be? How would you want to be welcomed? This could well be the young person's first ever job, or they could be long-term unemployed.

Whatever the apprentice's circumstances, they are your employee. As such you need to have a plan for welcoming them, showing them the ropes, introducing them to the team, and keeping them positive about this very new experience.

Support and mentoring

Once your apprentice is settled they will need ongoing support and mentoring.

A mentor doesn’t have to be your Learning Manager or anyone specifically qualified in working with young people or learners. Someone with a similar skillset, someone who has a strong track record as a team leader, or someone you feel has the right character to be around to listen, offer advice, and help out where they can.

Use your organisation's performance management system to ensure ongoing monitoring takes place. You may want to convert it to a more light touch version than annual appraisals, but regular meetings, covering a number of matters, recorded for future reference, are good practice.

How we can help with your apprenticeship

If you've taken on the apprentice through us, we'll generally step back at this point to let you get on with it: training the apprentice is a partnership between you and the training provider.

But we will help manage that relationship, and we'll always be available for discussion and feedback if required.