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“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” Helen Keller

Collaboration is the way forward in performing arts

Wac Arts , 4 May 2018

Economic pressure and competition for funding can make it difficult for arts organisations to find the time, money and resources to deliver the results they want. But Wac Arts believes that working together is one of the best ways to overcome these hurdles.

Basic design and technology education is crucial

Vanishing Point

Chris Hyde , 6 April 2018

Introduction by Pablo Lloyd, CEO, Activate Apprenticeships.

When I ask our business clients what they look for in new recruits, they tell me they are becoming less interested in qualifications and more interested in creativity and the ability to learn. Our Director of Creative Arts, Chris Hyde, illuminates this in the following article about the vanishing point.

Theatre training has different needs to other university subjects

The plight of some major drama schools

Philip Hedley , 5 April 2018

Philip Hedley CBE, Director Emeritus Theatre Royal Stratford East (1979-2004) and Theatre Consultant, shares his thoughts about how the merging of universities and drama schools has impacted the industry.

Image credit: @tomoxleyphoto

We must harness the positive of technological change

Tom Watson , 26 March 2018

Tom Watson MP, Deputy Leader of the Labour Party and Shadow Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, shares his thoughts about supporting the creative industries and education.

The success of the live music industry depends on grassroots venues

Glen Rowe , 20 March 2018

Glen Rowe, Managing Director of the Backstage Academy and winner of the Creative & Cultural Music Skills Award 2016, writes about the need for a revival of local music venues across the country. Without it, the industry may fail to continue the success it enjoys today.

Do we really understand diversity?

The future workforce, diversity and social mobility

Melanie Abrahams , 12 March 2018

Do we ever question what we mean by diversity? Do we feel that ‘we know it when we see it’. What about diversity that we can’t see? Melanie Abrahams, founder and Creative Director of Renaissance One and Tilt, considers what real diversity looks like.

The workplace is changing and we must change with it

The future workforce: Are you ready?

Mark Froud , 16 February 2018

The workplace is changing and we need new solutions. Mark Froud, Managing Director of The Federation for Industry Sector Skills & Standards, talks about two key difficulties facing organisations and asks business leaders to step up to the challenge.

Telling young people about the magic of the creative sector

Jennie Godsalve , 19 January 2018

My family and I were lucky enough to have seen the Snowman this Christmas at The Peacock Theatre in London.You are transported to another world at the theatre, the performers really do allow you to suspend your reality and just immerse yourself in the beauty of the performance.

Moving on after an apprenticeship

Sarah Wingett , 7 December 2017

In 2014 I joined Creative & Cultural Skills as a Level 3 Business and Administration apprentice. Now, through my career progression, I’m off to start my new role in marketing. Here’s my advice to apprentices and organisations on how to make apprenticeships work and how to finish them together successfully.

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