How can an organisation benefit from an intern?

 2 June 2017

With funding from the Northern Ireland Creative Employment Programme, Stendhal Festival were able to hire two interns. Find out how having them on board benefited and helped grow their organisation.

Ross Parkhill

The Northern Ireland Creative Employment Programme (NI CEP) has allowed us to create two paid internship roles at Stendhal.

John Cartwright

We just needed an extra kick to help us grow and help us get better.

Ross Parkhill

They’ve brought energy, they’ve brought enthusiasm, they’ve brought their own skills and I think it’s important for organisations like ourselves to be invested in young people and give them opportunities to increase their skills because really they’re the next generation, the next cultural leaders.

John Cartwright

It’s a fantastic programme. It gets people work, it gets small companies and small businesses like ours the help that we need to grow. Apply!

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