Kids in Museums

Kids in Museums works to make museums and galleries welcoming to young visitors, and to give families who visit museums a voice.

Kids in Museums aims to guide museums and galleries across the country to make family visits engaging and enjoyable.
Kids in Museums aims to guide museums and galleries across the country to make family visits engaging and enjoyable.

Kids in Museums is an independent charity dedicated to making museums open and welcoming to all families.

Museums can show their support by signing the Kids in Museums Manifesto.

The organisation works with families, children and young people to ensure greater access to and inclusion in the arts.

It aims to give a voice to families visiting museums and galleries across Britain, and to help museums effectively engage children and teenagers who visit. 

Making museums family friendly

The Kids in Museums Manifesto outlines '20 ways to make a museum visit family friendly'.

Museums can show their support for the Kids in Museums Manifesto by publicly adding their name to the growing number of places that aspire to be family friendly.

The Manifesto is also available as a free PDF resource

Recognising family friendly museums

Kids in Museums also builds the profile of family friendly museums and galleries with awards.

The Family Friendly Museum Award is awarded annually, and museums can be nominated for the award longlist by the public. 

Allowing young visitors to 'take over'

Each year Kids in Museums encourages museums and galleries to host a Takeover Day. Children and young people are invited to 'take over' the museum for a day. 

Each year museums are encouraged to host a Takeover Day for children and young people.

Some activities available at Takeover Days have included the opportunity for children to take on staff roles, create new resources and programmes, organise events, and interview visitors about their childhood memories for an oral history project.

Children may also curate exhibitons or be a museum guide or front-of-house manager for a day.

For any interested museums, the organisation provides: 

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