Live music production budget

How much does it cost to mount a concert? Steve Cheney, stage manager for live music events, provides sample budgets that show the tour of a successful music act.

How much does it cost to mount a concert?
How much does it cost to mount a concert?

These sample Budget and Settlement reflect a tour of a successful act in small to medium-sized arenas, such as Echo Arena Liverpool or Wembley Arena. Or large theatres, such as the Manchester or Hammersmith Apollo.

Note: These figures are based on a one week hire period including two days full production rehearsals.

Example of Live Music Settlement

A settlement shows the costs incurred in varying sizes of venue next to the revenue. 

  • Cover Sheet
    Shows the details of where the tour is going.
  • Whole Tour
    Shows vertically the income (at the top) and expenditure (underneath) for each venue. The figures are being pulled from each venue tab on the sheet.
  • Ticket Settlement
    Shows the final amounts paid to the artist by the promoter on an 80 per cent average deal . They will have had a guaranteed fee, but having done good business, the percentage agreed of the gross sales, less VAT, and show expenses will exceed this.
    The final sum paid for the five shows in four venues, closing with two successive nights in one city totals (£42,230.70)
    This sum will be subject to management and agency commissions which could total as little as 10 per cent (£42,230.70) or as much as 30 per cent (£12,6692.10).
  • Venue Sheets
    Each venue in detail

Example of Live Music Production Budget

This example of Live Music Production Budget shows what is needed to run a tour at this level and the cost of doing so. Download the sample live music production budget..

The Tour and Production Manager, who will put this budget together, should aim to get the best possible deals from their favoured suppliers while not compromising on the show that the artist and audience expect – not to mention the management and accountant.

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