Acknowledging our grant

Creative & Cultural Skills and Arts Council England require you to publicly acknowledge your Creative Employment Programme grant.

If you are a recipient of the grant, please use both our logo and the Arts Council’s Lottery logo.

We give you permission to use the grant award logos but only to acknowledge and celebrate your grant award.

Using the Creative & Cultural Skills logo


An exclusion zone has been created to ensure the logo has sufficient breathing space and is not constricted by surrounding design elements. This should be left clear around all edges of the logo.


The colours of the  logo are as follows:

Dark purple

PMS 7448
C40 M60 Y0 K70
R69 G45 B80

Light purple

PMS 258
C45 M85 Y0 K0
R152 G73 B156


PMS 1595
C0 M70 Y100 K0
R230 G125 B0

Dark grey

PMS 418
C20 M0 Y40 K80
R98 G98 B80


PMS 7461
C90 M25 Y0 K0
R9 G147 B205

Light grey

PMS 7536
C5 M10 Y30 K30
R193 G186 B164


The size of the logo can be varied according to the context in which it is being used, however the absolute minimum size for this version of our logo is 15mm high.

Single colour logo

The full colour logo should be used whenever possible. When a single colour logo is required, use the greyscale, black or single colour white logo.

Reversed out logo

If the logo must be used on a strong colour or placed on a photo, use the white or black logo depending on which provides the most contrast. Never attempt to add or alter any element within our logo