Explore our series of Fair Access Sector Support resources and guides.

Explore our resources

As part of our mission to create a fair and skilled cultural sector across the UK, we've created a number of resources that are designed to support employers across the creative and cultural industries to adopt inclusive and lawful recruitment practices and make better use of different entry routes that will enable a more diverse range of talent to enter our workforce.

These digital resources have been designed to supplement our Fair Access Sector Support training, find out more about that here. 

Our digital resources:

A Best Practice Recruitment Guide for Creative Leaders

Designed to support employers to understand what diversity and inclusivity really mean, and the moral, social and legal implications of truly embracing these.


A Manager's Guide to Apprenticeships

Created for those who are new to managing apprentices or considering taking one on, this guide will help you navigate the various steps involved and give you the tools to help your apprentice thrive and perform to the best of their ability.


Working with the Self-Employed: A Best Practice Guide for Businesses

This guide provides an overview of the responsibilities and distinctions of working with freelancers and is a tool to encourage objective assessment of an organisation’s current understanding and approach when working with the self-employed.


A Best Practice Guide to Apprenticeships, Internships and Volunteering

This guide will take businesses through the various steps to understand the differences between apprentices, internships and volunteers and how they can recruit them in a responsible and ethical way.