On Friday 19th March 2021. CCSkills was very pleased to host 120 students and staff from across the UK on courses ranging from music performance, music technology, events management, and media production.

All thanks to our generous and enthusiastic panel: Gemma Bradley, BBC Music Introducing on Radio 1 Presenter; Angelle Joseph, BBC Music Introducing in Suffolk Presenter; Adam Winch-Furness, BBC Music Introducing in Northamptonshire Presenter and Producer.

The students asked insightful questions, ranging from how to create a profile and understand the best way to get noticed on the BBC Introducing Uploader; to what goes into producing a new music radio show; and how to find out about opportunities to work in radio, at festivals and more.

Here are the top three takeaways from the class.

Tip #1 – Be who you are

Some great tips for both building a profile if you are an artist, and if you are looking to develop a career in music radio. If you are using the Uploader to promote your music – or if you are looking to approach someone you would like to work with in the music industry – have a sense of your story.

It doesn’t matter what your background is when it comes to making music. But it is good to be able to tell your story and show where you are coming from.

Who are you? What inspired your sound? Who inspired you growing up? Where are you from? Who else are you linked up with in the region?

Our guests told some great stories showing whether you are from Belfast, Suffolk or Northamptonshire, there’s a scene to be part of. Where you can find encouragement and new opportunities.

Tip #2 – Be flexible, be adaptable

We heard some great insights on how the BBC Introducing network and music radio more widely is changing. Joining the show team for the local stations means turning your hand to lots of different work – dealing with records and planning a show, of course, but also making sure artists get paid, planning live event work, creating content for social media.

It can be a challenge, but it’s exciting and an opportunity to get good at lots of joined-up skills really quickly. Be inquisitive too, embrace new sounds, new genres, new experiences. Show you are open to all sorts of new music is a great way to show you are open to new experiences in all parts of your work and life.

Tip #3 – Be enthusiastic

The enthusiasm with which our guests talked about BBC Introducing was really infectious. It got the team here at CCSkills and the students buzzing afterwards.

We heard how this can be a real strength when it comes to working. Creating or listening to new music is a great way to practice that.

New music radio is about making a case for this new great thing you’ve heard. Why is it so great? Do your research. Does it do something to you? Does it make you feel something? Is it the beats? Is it the lyrics? Does the artist speak to you? Everyone has a connection to music they love, practice explaining it. It’s a great skill.

What’s next?

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CCSkills and BBC Music Introducing are proud to have been working together since 2015 to connect students and tutors in post 16 education with music talent development. BBC Introducing shows run on 34 local radio stations across the UK. Linking them up with local colleges helps make enduring links between local emerging musicians and emerging recording professionals to help build links across the local grassroots music scenes.