#7 Published over 80 pieces of research into the creative and cultural industries

,  1 March 2015

In the last decade we've published over 80 pieces of research and analysis into the skills needs of the creative and cultural industries and their overall contribution to the UK’s economy.

The underlying mantra of research should always be that quality usurps quantity in the long run, but looking back over the last 10 years of Creative & Cultural Skills there has been a huge amount of research output.

The fact is that dealing with such a disparate and wide-ranging sector means that there has been a lot of ground to cover to ensure that skills and education issues are benchmarked effectively.

Many of the recommendations led to programmes such as Creative Choices.

Firstly, and before my time at the organisation, a series of seven ‘Blueprint’ reports set down a marker for how the creative and cultural industries could transform themselves to become more diverse, productive and cohesive.

Many of the recommendations, which were consulted on with the respective industries, culminated in programmes such as Creative Choices, an expansion of Creative Apprenticeships and various types of CPD activities conducted by a whole range of organisations.

Looking to the future

I’m particularly happy to be contributing to some larger, longer studies related to access to work in the creative industries. At the moment we are conducting a study into the impacts on businesses and young people who are part of the Creative Employment Programme.

This type of work, taking place over a three-year period, rarely gets off the ground in the creative sector where budgets are tight and impact is demanded immediately. We’re hoping the work will provide both a legacy for the Creative Employment Programme and give some genuinely useful insight for future interventions to help young people into work.

Alongside this work, it’s been interesting working across such a breadth of partners and external organisations over the past few years. We’ve collaborated with Creative Skillset, Nesta, Arts Council England, English Heritage and the British Council on a range of projects and it’s exciting that such a spread of organisations are committed to improving the education and skills agenda in relation to the creative industries.  

In the run up to our annual conference and tenth birthday celebration we're looking back at our biggest achievements of the past decade: one a day for ten days.

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