Interns with the Northern Ireland Creative Employment Programme

 2 June 2017

With funding from the NI CEP, Stendhal Festival were able to hire two interns into their business. Hear from Kathryn McShane and Jane Semple on their experiences.

Kathryn McShane, festival production intern

For employers that are thinking about the Northern Ireland Creative Employment Programme (NI CEP), it’s so important to think that for anyone that has an interest in the arts in Northern Ireland - even if you have a degree or other experience as a young person - it’s really, really, hard to get your first foot on the ladder.

Jane Semple, media and marketing intern

The internship with Stendhal was really important because I wouldn’t have got this experience anywhere else.

People struggle to get jobs in festivals, they’re really niche jobs and I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to work in such a creative environment.

Creative business can access £2500 through the NI CEP to create a paid internship for 18-24 year olds. Final round of funding closes on Friday 16th June, don’t miss out!

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