Launching our new campaign

 2 December 2013

Last week we were joined by 200 guests to launch our new campaign, ‘Building a Creative Nation’. The night was a huge success. We have already received the backing of the Deputy Prime Minister as well as support from leading figures from across the creative industries and the education sector.

"Creative & Cultural Skills are flinging open the doors to the creative industries, which is a wonderful thing." (Image: James Fletcher)

I hope that those who attended saw that we are serious about our ambitions for the campaign and the impact we want to make. This isn’t about policy, it’s a not about lobbying; it is about action.

Following the launch we distributed our new manifesto, A Call to Arms and we are asking creative employers to pledge their support.

A creative superpower

The response so far has been fantastic, and we are beginning to see the campaign gather real momentum. It’s encouraging to hear from so many who share our goals and are prepared to commit.  

I was especially pleased to hear the Deputy Prime Minister voice his support for the campaign:

‘Internships and taking a 'learning by doing' approach is an ancient tradition, one which we are revitalizing as a country. They are becoming increasingly important as a career stepping stone for young people – especially within the creative industries – but opportunities must be distributed on a fair basis. 

‘We are increasing scrutiny around how work opportunities are being offered and HMRC will crack down on employers who are not giving our young talent fair access to the creative industries.

‘We punch above our weight when it comes to the creative industries, which are a huge asset to our economy and Creative & Cultural Skills are flinging open the doors to the creative industries, which is a wonderful thing.’

- Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg MP

A ringing endorsement from policy makers is always a positive, and I applaud the HMRC for taking action against those who have come to rely too heavily on unpaid work – a reliance which we believe is economically unsustainable as well as morally unjustifiable.

Mr Clegg also reminded us that the creative sector is a superpower. We are often too humble when we should be shouting from the rafters about our contribution of £36bn a year to the UK economy.

This status as a world leader can only be sustained if a pipeline of skilled talent is available to consolidate the growth and global competitive edge of our creative sector.

‘Building a Creative Nation’ aims to achieve that by making careers in the industry available to all young people.

The Great Recovery

I’m proud to have such influential and impressive figures from the creative industries behind us.

Founder of the MOBO Awards, Kanya King MBE; iconic British fashion designer, Wayne Hemingway MBE; and entrepreneur and theatre producer, Michael Jacobsen are helping us spread the word.

It’s up to us, as practitioners, employers and educators to make sure that the creative industries are not left behind.

Pledge your support

There has never been a more urgent time to provide fairly paid alternative opportunities for our young people, and this is the foundation of our campaign.

The success of ‘Building a Creative Nation’ is dependent upon the combined action of the sector. We want to see every creative business in the UK playing a part - possibly a small part at first - or perhaps in at the deep end straight away by employing someone.

Together I believe we can improve careers advice, offer work experience, make jobs, and widen access to young people.

I’d like to thank all of those who have already backed the campaign, and to encourage others to pledge their support

We have an opportunity to enable young people to fulfil their aspirations, and in doing so we can ensure that the creative economy is future-proofed.

Together, we are building a creative nation.

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