Manager’s Guide to Apprenticeships: Training

 20 August 2018

Last year Creative & Cultural Skills launched the Manager’s Guide to Apprenticeships, written in collaboration with Acas. The first dates have now been released for a half day training course which complements the guide.

The future of the creative industries depends on the way it recruits and nurtures new talent. Apprenticeships are an exciting way to bring on new talent alongside genuine graduate jobs and repay employers with a bigger pool of candidates who will be eager to learn on-the-job.

“We wrote this guide in response to an ask from industry, so we hope it supports employers and new managers when recruiting their first apprentice,” said Sara Whybrew, Programme Director for Creative & Cultural Skills.

“We recognise that some apprenticeships present the opportunity for existing staff members to take their first step into line management. This guide is intended to help those who may be new to employing and managing apprentices take a best practice approach to recruitment, induction and basic performance management.” 

The training sessions, which are designed to complement the guide, will reference real life examples of both good and bad practice and provide pragmatic solutions to often misunderstood apprenticeship challenges. The four-hour session will cover ‘Understanding apprenticeships’, ‘Recruiting apprentices’ and ‘Working with young people, safeguarding and working with training providers’ and will be held in various locations across England over the coming months.

"Arts Council England has been developing its apprenticeship offer over the last 12 months and in order to prepare for the start of our new apprentices we put a cohort of managers through Creative & Cultural Skills' training.  The structure of the session and its content guided us through the process for recruiting, supporting and managing apprentices, and helped us better understand things we could be doing differently to help us reach out to more diverse candidates.

"The session also helped us learn about managing relationships with training providers. As a result of this training we are now committed to offering this to all our apprenticeship managers, as it provides a good foundation for effectively recruiting, supporting and managing apprentices and engaging with training providers." 

Alex Howard, HR Partner and Projects Manager, Arts Council England.

Our Manager's Guide to Apprenticeships is available online. Information about upcoming sessions will be regularly updated in the Apprenticeships section of the website, and tickets can be purchased through Eventbrite.

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