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Not just making the tea…

 17 December 2013

‘Not just making the tea’ must be the phrase I've heard the most from the young apprentices I have met since starting working in Creative & Cultural Skills in July 2012.

Hari is an apprentice at Cardiff Story Museum
Hari is an apprentice at Cardiff Story Museum

And this message was given again, loud and clear, at our annual event in the Wales Millennium Centre on 5th December.

We were fortunate to have Sammi Pepper to speak on our apprenticeship panel. She is an apprentice in WNO Max, and spoke passionately about the work that she does with the youth opera, and the opportunity that she has been given by Welsh National Opera.

Opportunities for apprentices in Wales

For me, the phrase ‘not just making the tea’ is one that I want to see used less and less, as we work to try to change the perception of apprenticeships in the creative industries. These apprenticeships are real jobs, and real opportunities.

My colleague, Dienka, had approached other apprentices to join Sammi on the apprenticeship panel for the event, but they were unable to attend as they were too busy, working. For us, this is a positive.

Skills Academy in Wales - one year on

The National Skills Academy for Creative & Cultural was launched in Wales in October 2012. So it was significant to me to stand up in the same room, just over a year later, to proudly say what we have achieved in that short space of time:

  • Delivered apprenticeship information and guidance to over 2,100 young people through our Creative Choices programme
  • Worked with approximately 85 employers on apprenticeships, consultations and careers events
  • Increased the number of creative apprentices in Wales. By early 2014, we hope to have reached the 150 point.

That's 150 apprentices started since Creative Apprenticeships were first introduced in Wales in 2010. This is an incredible feat, and thanks goes to those employers and colleges who had enough belief in the work to help us reach this point. Thank you.

Join the campaign against youth unemployment

I was delighted to see that we had 24 pledge cards completed at our Building a Creative Nation event. This includes new employers who we haven’t worked with before, who have committed to finding out how their organisation can take on young people.

Every employer that offers an opportunity to a young person is contributing to reducing the level of youth unemployment.

I look forward to standing up at our event in a year’s time, and looking at how far we will have come by then. Onwards and upwards!

Any employers who wish to engage with us in Wales, please contact us.

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