Review of National Occupational Standards - online consultation

,  15 January 2018

Creative & Cultural Skills is reviewing the National Occupational Standards for a range of occupations in the sector. These Standards underpin the current related Apprenticeships which are used within our industry as well as informing further and higher education.

Let's get Standards right for our industry.
Let's get Standards right for our industry.

We have been working with industry to make sure they are relevant and reflect current best practice. Standards are simply lists of what someone needs to know and do in a job.

As a result of consultation meetings in NI, Scotland and Wales, the Standards have been updated and are now available for review online.

Please click on the links below and follow the instructions to comment on the standards as little or as much as you wish. There are a lot of standards in each suite, so please just comment on those which are most relevant to you. The process for commenting is very straightforward.

Thank-you for your time and participation in this consultation; we hope you see the value in getting these Standards right for our industry.

The consultation will close at on Monday 29th January 2018.

  1. Technical Theatre: Technical Theatre & Live Production NOS Online Consultation
  2. Cultural Venue Operations: Cultural Venue Ops NOS Consultation
    These Standards aim to cover the professional and efficient operations of a cultural venue so that visitor’s needs are met.
  3. Arts Projects and Live Events: Arts Projects & Live Events NOS Consultation
    These Standards cover the set up, promotion, and development of arts projects and live events so they are well managed, attractive, accessible and meet expectations. This suite of NOS is made up of the Standards formerly known as the Community Arts and Live Events suites

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